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Ashes to trees: how to be a part of nature when you die | The Senior



Why settle for a grave when you can be a tree?

That’s the thinking behind a greener alternative to traditional burials now open at Mornington Green, a former golf course on the Mornington Peninsula.

Here a company named Living Legacy Forest has pioneered a way to scientifically treat a loved one’s ashes and infuse them with trees such as jacarandas, magnolia, birch, ginkgo, oak and eucalypts.

Located on 126,000sqm of gardens, it offers a more personal and immersive way of celebrating life,

The company envisions families getting together to plant their trees, watch them grow andenjoy the beautiful, landscaped surroundings that future generations will look forward to visiting.

They can even choose to have their own ashes added one day,…

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